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How to call Bangladesh

- To call Bangladesh landline or cell phone number from USA dial 011 + 880 (country code for Bangladesh).
- To call landline number in Bangladesh you must dial city code and then number. Example: To call Dhaka landline number, dial 011 + 880 + 2 (city code for Dhaka) + landline number.
- For call cellphone number in Bangladesh you just dial cell phone number, no need to dial city code. Example: To call any cell phone number in Bangladesh, dial 011+880+cell phone number.

Area Codes for major cities in Bangladesh

City Country Code Area Code
Barisal +880 431
Chittagong +880 31
Dhaka +880 2
Dinajpur +880 531
Khulna +880 41
Rajshahi +880 721
Rangpur +880 521
Sylhet +880 821

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Cheap call to Bangladesh

Prepaid Bangladesh Calling Card Providers

#1 Pidipompi is one of the fastest growing “Long Distance Phone Cards and Calling Cards Telecommunication Companies”, routing millions of minutes of voice calls across the world. We use Secure and Efficient business models that allow customers to get the best communication services for lower costs. Customers can make purchases instantly and securely either online, or through phone orders. provides most reliable 24 x 7 communications, using well-established infrastructure.

Pidipompi Bangladesh Calling Rates:

Bangladesh Calling Plan
$10.00 500 minutes to Bangladesh Mobile
345 minutes to Bangladesh Landline
2¢/min - No Maintenance fee or Connection fee
- No Rental fee or Administration fee
- No Hidden fees
- Validity is 180 days from the date of purchase.

#2 Amantel is a young, dynamic and growing company; aiming to reshape the way phone cards and calling cards delivered to customers. It was established in 2002 with the goal of developing secure and efficient business models that would allow customers to get the best communication services available on the internet without spending significant amount of time searching for alternative products and to make purchases instantly and securely. It is managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced executives in processing of retail marketing, payments, networking telecommunications as well as switch facilities. Amantel provides premium quality pre-paid phone cards with best international and domestic rates online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Amantel Bangladesh Calling Rates:

Bangladesh Calling Rate
1.9¢/minute $10 - 515 minutes - No hidden fees!
- No membership fees!
- No activation fees!
- No contract!

#3 Raza

Established in 1995, is a privately owned firm based in Chicago, Illinois. provide quality Bangladesh phone cards and callingcards online.

Raza Bangladesh Calling Rates:

Bangladesh Calling Rate
3.3¢/minute $90 - 2700 minutes
$50 - 1350 minutes
$20 - 540 minutes
$10 - 270 minutes
- PINless Dial
- QuicKeys Speed Dial
- Auto Refill
- Follow Me Forwarding

#4 Reliance

Reliance Global Call is an international long distance calling service offering calls to over 200 countries across the globe anywhere, any time, from the entire mainland USA, Hawaii and Alaska. Reliance Global Call is brought to you by Reliance Communications International Inc., based at Delaware, the United States of America.

Reliance Communications International Inc. is a subsidiary of Reliance Globalcom. Reliance Globalcom spear heads the Global Telecom operations of India's largest Integrated Telecom Service Provider, Reliance Communications.

Reliance Bangladesh Calling Rates:

Bangladesh Calling Plan
Toll Access
Toll Free
General Plan 5.19¢/min 5.59¢/min - Express Dial
- Auto Recharge
- IVR Recharge
- PINless Dial

#5 Pingo

Pingo is a pre-paid calling card service that offers great rates on international and domestic long distance, along with unbeatable quality, simplicity and convenience. And unlike some other calling cards, there are no hidden charges or fees with Pingo international phone cards—just a nominal monthly maintenance fee. Pingo also offers a 100% call quality guarantee and RISK FREE satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

Pingo Bangladesh Calling Plans:

Minutes with Local Access Number
Minutes with Toll Free Access Number
$5 77 67
$10 154 133
$20 308 267
$50 769 667

VoIP call to Bangladesh

Bangladesh Calling VoIP Providers

#1 Vonage

Vonage is a leading provider of low-cost communications services connecting individuals through broadband devices worldwide. Vonage technology serves approximately 2.4 million subscribers. Vonage provide feature-rich, affordable communication solutions that offer flexibility, portability and ease-of-use. Vonage World Plus 1000 plan offers free 1000 minutes to Bangladesh landline and mobile. Only 2.9 cents per minute after first 1000 minutes.

Vonage Bangladesh Calling Plans:

Bangladesh Calling Plan
Free Minutes
Vonage World Plus 1000 $54.99/mo 1000 minutes to Bangladesh Landline & Mobile - Unlimited calling to USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.
- Unlimited calling to landlines in over 60 countries and mobile phones in 10 countries.

#2 Vopium

Vopium enables you to save up to 94% when making international calls or sending SMS from your mobile phone in your home country - and this without changing your current operator or SIM-card. You pay your mobile provider for a local call and Vopium for the international call. With Vopium WiFi you can even make 100% free calls and avoid roaming charges when abroad.

Vopium Bangladesh Calling Plans:

Bangladesh Calling Plan
Special Offer
Call Bangladesh 1000 $25.06/mo Free Vopium Wi-Fi - 1000 minutes/ month to call any mobile phone and landline in Bangladesh plus 30 free call international SMS
Call Bangladesh 500 $12.50/mo Free Vopium Wi-Fi - 500 minutes per month to call any mobile phone and landline in Bangladesh plus 30 free international SMS

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